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By | October 19, 2011


Hacks for Battlefield 3 – The ultimate Cheats


“Feel the battle!” We have never taken so literally as a slogan of a game at Battlefield 3. After three nights of non-stop gaming we ended up even at a medical centre, because it is apparently not such a good idea to keep your lenses in twenty hours a day. Result: a few days of rest and a sexy eye patch. But despite our war wound, we continue to just come back to the battlefields at Kharg Island, Davamand Peak and Tehran Highway.

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Just because we believe that at present there is no better online to find war-shooter than Battlefield 3. We say emphatically online, because the single player portion anything but has left a good impression on us. We understand the choice of Dice to add it actually not, because Battlefield 3 (let us not forget that the game is a successor of Battlefield 2 and not by Bad Company 2) absolutely do not need. Of course want to Dice the battle with competitors like Modern Warfare, but liver than no shameless rip-off with the freedom of a Al Quada-warrior on Guantanamo Bay.

The biggest irritation point we find that many of the properties of the current generation of Battlefield games not reflected in the single-player portion. And then we, of course, the destructible environments and the almost boundless freedom. Do you think an enemy flanks, you get instantly thick red letters on your screen with the text: “leaving combat area”. Very frustrating. And a seasoned veteran would you like not at all bother with the command: “busy right now like crazy on your left mouse button, otherwise you will die.”

Do you think Andy McNab like crazy on his left mouse button pressing when he sat behind the lines was operating in Iraq? Of course we also have enjoyed the breathtaking graphics in the single player. That are of such an unprecedented level that we occasionally had to hang under a dish our mouths. Nevertheless, it’s frustrating to know what the game can and it still possible if an idiot is going to be taken to together with your computer-controlled teammates a cosy walk through Tehran. No longer do, Dice. Never again!

On to the real thing

So! We have said this, we can now continue with our song of praise about, again, the best online oorlogsshooter of the moment. Because believe us, who can be soaking in the multiplayer will seriously think that war is fun. Battlefield 3 is a game where fun comes first. Therefore, there is also little changed to the already solid base of the game. Still, each player can choose one of the available classes to then immediately jumping into the fray. This time there are only four playable classes, because the assault and the medic are combined into a super soldier with defibrillator and medicine bag. The other three, recon, support and engineer, are broadly remained the same.

If you have selected a class, then the game mode determines where your objectives during the game. At Conquest turns it to capture and retain flags until the tickets of the opponent on his. It is still the most traditional way to Battlefield to play and also, in our view, the most entertaining. In Conquest to play the biggest battle fields with most vehicles and have 64 players (on PC). To give you an impression of the size: you can lose about three times in Atacama Desert (the largest folder in Bad Company 2). A slightly different order, but sometimes just as entertaining are the modes Rush and Squad Rush. In this game you play types to blow up (or prevention) of two M-COMM stations.

They are both blown up, then pushes the game the attention to two new. Manage your team to get them all to blow or protect for your tickets (the equal number of points that each team is assigned in advance) on, then you won. Have you no sense in tactical warfare and you just want to go in one of the nine playable maps, simply choose the all new Team Deathmatch mode. It takes some getting used to for Battlefield veterans to actually play a game without real teamwork without mission and Battlefield to play but this mode is at time and the late particularly attractive. This is also because Deathmatch is ideal for that much needed experience points in.

Where you really need to do your best in a Conquest to 25 + kills, you add one after the other in Deathmatch kill to your list. Battlelog So far there seems to be so really not much new under the Sun by track three. But nothing could be further from the truth. Dice gets it with each new part again to perfect the series further. That is with Battlefield 3 no different. So the makers take the whole login screen from older parts on the shovel and they come up with Battlelog, a browsergestuurde interface that allows you to boot games, to keep in touch with your friends and to keep platoons, your stats and much, much more.