Clash of Clans Cheats

By | June 5, 2013

Download Clash of Clans Hacks for 2014

clash of clans hacks

Here you can download the new hacks for the famous facebook game called Clash of Clans. This fantastic software will give you an huge advantage over any other player and will enable you to generate coins, points and resources for free. This is a new version of the previous clash of clans cheat engine and its working flawlessly with the latest versions of facebook. You can download this clash of clans cheats no survey no jailbreak in the  link below.

Today we bring you a trick to be invincible in the Clash of Clans. As well as you hear it. No trap, is not only going to take advantage of some features of the game and some tools available on the web.

In fact with this trick we are not invincible, what we get is the immunity that no one attacks us. Whether you are taking a time playing I have given account that we can come from the village after an attack enemy. Surely more than one has received the message that you can not attack for which the user is connected. As well, we are going to take advantage of this feature of the game. The trick seems to be simple, leave the connected game 24 hours and point. But there is a problem, when we take 5 minutes of inactivity the server asks us to reconnect, so we can not use it. It is now! We stay awake and connected 24 hours and point. The problem is that it seems a bit tiring, so we are going to explain the version 3.0 of the trick that is to simplify this task. You can always get unlimited elixir thanks to this amazing elixir cheat for clash of clans.

Leaving aside Flappy Bird, the game that has revolutionized network, there is another game that is sweeping across mobile platforms. It’s Clash of Clans, a strategy game which we discussed which is in the top 10 most downloaded Play Store and App Store, is free, but it is making gold to its developers. And it is that according to a report from App Data, Clash of Clans is raising a whopping 654000 dollars a day thanks to purchases in-app that users perform.

Clans clash already accumulated more than 10 million downloads only in Play, is free, but has the classic systems of micropayments ingame to advance more quickly and have extra elements. According to reports, these purchases in-App pose almost 500000 euros daily benefit for its developers, the company Supercell.

Millionaire income thanks to purchases in-App

This Finnish team, is also the creator of the game Day there are (with tens of millions of accumulated downloads) that was already estimated that, in combination, could be gaining 2.4 million daily due to those in-App purchases. Thus, on average, players who downloaded Can Clash spend a few $ 100 to unlock features that enable them to lead to higher levels, while in there Day, as gold supplies may cost $ 80 per pack.

Clash of Clans is currently in third position of the games more collected, only behind Puzzle & Dragons and Candy Crush Saga. The benefit that these companies are taking with a business model that others, such as EA, have used is certainly interesting and much criticized them. And you, you use those micropayments to advance in the free games?