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"DayZ is a mod for ARMA2 Combined Operations (need both ARMA2 and ARMA2 Arrowhead Operation to operate, you can walk with ARMA2 Free but is not officially supported, can throwing fuleros errors, graphic detail but I calf and demases)." It should be noted also that implements persistence: whatever we do with our character on a server is stored in the database of the devs of the mod and will be translated into the next server we metamos. Oh, and if one dies loses everything and start from scratch. They played Dwarf Fortress? LOSING IS FUN! The Arma 2 cheats will facilitate your ingame life when trying to survive both the environment and the players trying to kill you.

The premise is to survive the zombie apocalypse in the small province / Republic of Chernarus ex-Soviet. Unlike basically all the fichina multiplayer with zombies that are taking turns, here the focus is really set on survival. Think of the atmosphere of STALKER: a huge to explore full of hazards map. Unlike STALKER on the other hand, nothing of anomalies or mutants, but there are good amounts of zombies not zombies romerenses ("infected" style) and more important: human players. Other people who as one also wants to survive. And more than one will be willing to dispense other survivors if it brings them some benefit.

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