Dota Hack

By | October 12, 2011

This is the best Dota Hack you will ever find,it also works as a Warcraft 3 Hack and its totally undetectable
This amazing Dota Hack has many fantastic features such as Dota MapHack and will provide the user a tremendous advantage.

How to Use:

- Extract with WinRAR or anything else that does the job
- Put "yHack.mixtape" into your Warcraft 3 folder (yes, directly into it, no subfolders or anything)
- Start Warcraft
- ????

- Reveal units (main-/minimap, invisible, illusions)
- Reveal items
- Remove fog (full/shared)
- Show skills and cooldowns
- Show enemy resources when clicking on their buildings
- Enable trading
- Show enemy minimap pings
- Color HP bars from units under fog grey (purple when on low hp)
- Color invisible units pink
- Roshan & Rune Notifier
- Manabars
- Antiprotection to stay safe from Warden for now Available Chat Commands: 
/commands             - Lists all commands
/maphack [on|off]     - Turn the maphack on or off
/distance [x]         - Sets camera distance to [x]
/aoa [x]              - Sets camera Angle of Attack to [x]
/setfeature [x] [y]   - Set feature [x] to state [y] (x being the feature number you get from /features, state 0 = off, 1 = on and 2 = special for shared vision)
/features             - Lists all features and their corresponding numbers
/savesettings         - Saves all current settings.